EN600 in music fountain.

The fountain as a dynamic art scene has a long history in China. In recent years, with the development of science & technology, the implementation of the reform & opening up, and the rapid development of city construction, the fountain art also got unprecedented development basing on modern science and technology. Many large, medium-sized cities…

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ENC expansion card introduction

This article mainly introduces the distinguishing mark and installation introduction of the ENC expansion card products, so that the reader can correctly identify the expansion card after reading this article, and master the installation and wiring. Purpose of this article:  This article mainly introduces the distinguishing mark and installation introduction of the ENC expansion card…

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The application of EN650C special frequency inverter for direct-drive type oil pump

Oilfields direct drive screw pumpequipment is relatively simple. It consists of synchronous motor, screw pumpand motor speed control system, etc. which suitable for crude oil mining withhigh viscosity, high gas content, high sand content, high water content and lowproduction well. Overcoming the phenomenon ofgaslock and sand sticking,etc. effectively,it has small coversarea,high efficiency andgood superiority of…

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Basic debugging method of EN650 synchronous motor drive

As a general-purpose three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor vector inverter, EN650 adopts 32-bit DSP hardware platform to realize high torque, high precision and wide range speed adjust drive, support sensorless vector control (without PG) and sensor vector control (with PG), large torque in low frequency. It is not sensitive to motor parameters, and not depend…

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EN600 application on straight wire drawing machine

Straight wire drawing machine is a device used to process metal cable & wire, it can stretch high, medium and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, alloy copper wire, aluminum alloy wire etc. The material suitable for stretching : welding rod, welding wire (gas shielded welding wire, submerged arc welding wire, flux-cored…

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The application of EN600 on industrial washing machines

Industrial washing machines are widely used in large hotels, factories and mines, dry cleaners and other places for towels, clothing, silk, wool and other washing, oil washing, drying. Washing machinery mainly automatic washing machine, ironing machine, dryer, dry cleaning machine, folding machine. Which the latter four of the lower requirements of the frequency inverter, only…

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EN600 Application Solution For Walking-beam Pumping Unit

ENC frequency inverters are widely used to the oil industry. Through measuring and calculating these actual use data, we found the frequency conversion energy saving ratio can reach to 30 ~ 50% on the application of walking-beam pumping unit, at the same time, oil production can increase 20% ~ 30%. In summary, our EN600 series…

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EN630 closed-loop control wiring and parameter setting

EN630 series mini high performance vector inverter adopts 32 bit DSP hardware platform, inbuilt in PG function, encoder inlet to terminal directly can achieve PG closed loop vector control, with advanced control algorithm, along speed vector and torque vector mode. It can achieve high precision control, fast response and good performance at low frequency, with…

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EN500/EN600 frequency inverter used for Screw Air compressor

As an air source device, air compressor is the heart of pneumatic system. It’s a basic product of industrial modernization which converts the original mechanical energy to air pressure energy. Air compressor widely used for production line, machine tool and all applications which need compressed air.  Applications of Air compressor As an air source device,…

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EN600 inverter used for circular knitting machine

The applications of Encom EN600 series inverter for circular knitting machine used well at Zhejing, Jiangsu and Guangdong etc. area, fully meets the using requirements and exerts the performance of EN600 series inverter like large torque output at low frequency and fast response. 1.The introduction of circular knitting machine: Circular knitting machine is the main…

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