Dai Phat Automation Technology Co., Ltd has been established and developed up to now based on the trust of customers, with diversified products, perfect Automation solutions and special maintenance services. Professional has been confirmed in the market today. We look forward to serving you further.

     HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICE CONSCIENTIOUS is the cohesive factor. Our company with you becomes a strategic partner, grows, forming a strong link to the process of production – business advocacy. nonstop. Therefore, our motto is:


    THE PROFESSIONAL TEAM OF STAFF are trained by experts in the field of intensive training, frequently supported and transferred the latest technology from foreign partners, our company meets all needs of System Design Automation – Energy Savings in Manufacturing – Troubleshooting the System, Contributing to the Industrialization – Modernization of the Country.

Thank you for your interest in using our products and services over the years. We wish you good health – happy to continue with us together to help business success.

Strategic vision:
Introducing Dai Phat Automation Technology Company to become one of the best companies providing products and services in Vietnam.
Mission of Dai Phat:
Dai Phat collective building strong, professional, dynamic creative and developmental.
Core values:
Commitment to bring the best value and benefit to customers.
Always listen, learn and improve yourself.

Best regards,

Nguyen Thanh Hieu


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