Warranty and maintenance 24/7

As we know that the country is in the process of integration and development, the process of producing goods makes a great contribution to the economy.

In the process of production, machinery failure is inevitable due to many factors caused. In case of any incidents, to reduce the cost of replacement, please contact us immediately: Dai Phat Automation Technology Co., Ltd with experienced engineers in the field of repairing all kinds of inverter inverter) of all brands: Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China ….. Linn bales use genuine, warranty for repair parts, replacement.

The company also repairs such as stepper motor, servo, touch screen (HMI), DC board, torque control, static electricity, corona, heat, control system.

With modern gauges, you can quickly and accurately check damaged equipment and then replace it with a genuine one.

Moreover, the company also receives maintenance, maintenance monthly, so that customers can rest assured for the production without interruption.

Come to us, customers will be really satisfied with:

Quality, Service, Enthusiasm

DAI PHAT is willing to provide technical consultancy completely free.

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