inverter for injection molding machine

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1. Fully functional as EDS2000

2. Automatic Voltage Stabilization and Automatic Voltage Restriction

3. Setting safety frequency / various double-turns operation with auto-reset, auto reset function when browm-out to ensure continuous production.

4. Can keep the original turn, making the installation and maintenance more convenient.

5. Can increase insulation isolation by fuses, filter input / output reactors, EMI input / output filters and many other accessories depending on the needs of customers.

6. Can increase the control tools such as  current clock, voltage, frequency according to the needs of customers.

7. The user just needs to connect the power cord and thus the energy-saving improvement project is completed,

Power range: 7.5KW ~ 400KW 380V

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1. High power savings

Based on advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology to design distribution pumps for popular injection molding machines and power saving cabinets.

Pressure water injection system of  injection molding machine suited to the power demand per unit running machine;  25% to 65% energy savings

2. High reliability

Overload resistane: 150% of rated current within 03 minutes, 200% of rated current within 5 seconds

Maintain constant control and oil flow, not only to ensure uninterrupted production, but also to leave points under plastic injection and mold clamping etc during high pressure injection. heavy pressure loading; With a double turns power supply / power saving, automatically reset when the power off to ensure continuous and efficient production.

3. Soft start

Mold release and anti-vibration, longer life expectancy including mold and long working environment

The cooling system is clearly down, the oil temperature is stable and the cooling water can save up to 30%.

Sealed assemblies have a long life span, reducing the risk of shutdown for repairs and full maintenance savings.

4. Simple operation

Input channel is double, can receive pulse signal from 0 ~ 1A, 0 ~ 10V, frequency 200Hz.

Simple assembly, strong protection, running synchronously with the injection machine, no adjustment.

Compact shape, convenient assembly, intelligent configuration design, integration, beautiful appearance.

Separate sealed air path design, dust-proof, gas-proof, anti-corrosion, high humidity.

5. High payback

All your investments are funded within 6-15 months of your savings.

Power range: 7.5KW ~ 75KW 380V

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Hỗ trợ

Hotline Trợ giúp !

Mr Hieu: 0908897168

Mr Duc: 0967383126

Mr Doanh: 0908767168